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Jun 07, 2020

Know Your Heart - Luke 6:45

Know Your Heart - Luke 6:45

Passage: Luke 6:45-

Preacher: Jason Sullivan

Series: The Heart


An excellent test of character is the way a person reacts under the pressure of a difficult situation. Under normal conditions, most people behave in a socially acceptable manner. They give the impression that everything is under control. When they are caught off guard or are unexpectedly upset, however, they reveal their true disposition. What is deep down inside of us will spill out when we are tested. Our reactions to pressure can reveal what we are. Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks”. What comes out of your heart—honey or vinegar? When someone does something you don’t like, how do you react? By maintaining your fellowship with God and relying on His Holy Spirit’s guidance, what spills out of you will be pure and good.

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