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Pathway Groups

Connect - Experience - Multiply

What Is A Pathway Group?

Pathway Groups are designed to bring men and women into intentional discipleship relationships with the purpose of learning to study and apply the Scriptures in their own lives, then training them to go and teach others to do the same.

How Does A Pathway Group Work? 

Each Pathway Group commits themselves to seeking God together for the next 42 days. On Day 0, the group gathers to understand how a Pathway Group works. Using the last 2 pages of this packet, they will sign the group commitment, walk through a sample time of scripture reading, and decide how the group will communicate with each other throughout the weeks. Lastly the group will pray for the journey together. 

During the 42 days group members will personally spend time in the Scriptures, and together will discuss what they have read on a daily basis. The daily communication will happen through their chosen communication method. The group will meet together in person, six times for discussion, application, and prayer over one another. At the end of the journey the group will celebrate their time together, including what God did during their 42 day journey, and what he will continue to do.

How Do I Sign Up?

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