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Community Groups

The purpose of community is to display the love of God for the world.

- Brad House



What are Community Groups?

We believe the gospel is best conveyed in community. At Iron Mill, community groups provide safe opportunities for spiritual growth and loving audaciously. Face to face relationships and the desire to be known and heard is an incredible need we all share. This need can be met only through Jesus and the fellowship of other Christ followers, that is why we value community groups at Iron Mill. At community groups you have the opportunity to talk through the Sunday morning sermon, receive encouragement in your walk with Jesus and develop deep authentic relationships.

Our Community Groups Commit to:

• Sharing life
• Prayer
• Service
• Bible study
• Authenticity
• Multiplication

How Can I Join A Community Group?

Whether you are ready to join a group or you have more questions, we would love to connect you! Please visit the link below to search our list of community groups and get in touch with a leader.

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