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Posted by David Dixon on

Sometimes I wonder if when we read the Bible we romanticize what took place and how people responded to Jesus. When we read about the ministry of Jesus and hear about the great crowds, I believe we tend to think that everyone (except for the religious leaders) believed in Jesus. Yet as we find in our reading today, John 12, that that is further from the truth. 

We have read of miracles Jesus has performed: people healed, storms calmed, dead people brought back, and much more. Yet what do we find: unbelief. 

John 12:37 says “Though he had done so many signs before them, they still did not believe in him.”

From our perspective we would think that if Jesus came and performed miracles and preached great sermons that we would see many people come to believe in Jesus, but it seems that even when Jesus was here there were still many that didn’t believe. 

While this may sound discouraging, I hope and pray that it is actually encouraging to you as you go out to share the Gospel. As you got out to share with others I pray that you realize that if the message of Jesus is ultimately rejected that it is Jesus who is rejected. That even when Jesus walked the earth, people rejected him. The Gospel is offensive. It always has and it always will be. 

As we wrap up this week, let us go out with confidence that Jesus has given us a mission to bring the Gospel to all the world around us. As we do that, if we face rejection, we can press on knowing that Jesus loves us, we have been obedient, and that even Jesus was rejected. 


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