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Son of the Father

Posted by David Dixon on

As we have seen this week reading through the crucifixion accounts of Jesus, there is a great deal that happened in those final hours. The amount of emotion, prophetic, and spiritual significance oozes off the pages as we read them.

When I read John 18-19, my heart was again crushed as Jesus own people so vehemently rejected him and demanded that he be crucified. In the midst of this there was a new detail that caught my attention. It concerns the man named Barabbas.

It a bit of biblical irony, Pilate gives the Jewish people the opportunity to release Jesus and show some grace. They refuse however and ask for the release of Barabbas, who was a failed insurrectionist. The irony here is thick:

  • There were many who wanted Jesus to lead an insurrection against Rome, but when he didn't they decided to release a failed insurrectionist instead.
  • The people chose to show grace to a murderer rather than an innocent man.
  • Barabbas name means "son of the father." When presented with a choice to release the "Son of God the Father" or the man named "son of the father" they chose Barabbas.
  • Jesus came to die as the substitutionary atonement of those he loved. It is ironic that he is substituted in the place of a murdering, angry insurrectionist.

In all of this we are reminded of the depth of love, sorrow, and determination that Jesus carried with him to the cross. Even though he was the true "Son of the Father" he willingly laid down his life and allowed this farcical trial to continue so that he might become the sacrifice for the sins of the world.

In our own lives, may we seek to live like Jesus. He showed us that to be great is to lay down our lives. He demonstrated to us that to love is serve. He lived fully for the glory of God the Father. May we seek to do the same.


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