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Not Having All the Answers

Posted by David Dixon on

We live in a culture today where we expect to be able to have answers to most everything. If we don’t know it, we look it up. Before we buy something we research it. This isn’t bad in and of itself, but one thing that this has produced in us is the feeling that we should be able to understand everything before we move forward with it. 

As we read Mark 13 today, Jesus is speaking with his disciples about what the end of the age will look like. Most of this passage echoes our earlier readings from Matthew 24. However as I read this today, there was one phrase that got me thinking. In Mark 13:32, Jesus says, “But concerning that day or that hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” 

We find out that Jesus doesn’t know the exact hour that God the Father desires to bring about the end of the age. This demonstrates the beautiful aspects of respect, love, and submission within the Trinity. Jesus isn’t upset that he doesn’t know the exact time. He acknowledges that that is part of the Father’s role and for him to determine. He humbly submits and loving seeks to bring people into a relationship with God the Father. He even speaks with authority concerning the end of the age even though he doesn’t know the exact hour. The fact that Jesus doesn’t know the timing doesn’t somehow make him less God either. Jesus didn’t act like God was holding out on him or speak negatively of God because he hadn’t disclosed this information. Jesus willing obeys and fully trusts that God the Father will bring about these things at the right and proper time. 

In our own lives, I wonder how many times we want to know everything because we think we deserve it. Or we don’t move forward with something or a relationship with someone because we don’t know all the details. In that I wonder what joys and experiences we miss out on because we are unwilling to trust. 

As Christians we live by faith, trusting in what we cannot see. Living this way runs against what are culture teaches us about having to know everything before making a decision. Instead what reality teaches us is that we cannot know everything and that as we realize that we are free to trust in things that we cannot fully understand. 

When we consider how Jesus trusted and submitted his life to the Father, may we learn to walk in faith like Jesus did. Today may we ask the Lord for the strength to trust Him even when we don’t understand. In that may we become obedient and compassionate in our lives as we trust Jesus all the more. 


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